Learn About Industrial Gates

Industrial gates are designed to restrict or limit the access and movement of people and vehicles through different areas on certain types of property. For example, industrial gates are used on commercial properties, apartment complexes, truck depots, military bases, warehouses, correctional facilities, and storage facilities, to name a few. If you have a need for an industrial gate, then it's a good idea to review this article. It will go over some things you'll want to know about these gates so you have the information necessary to make the best choice. 

Industrial Gates are Made From Superior Materials

While residential fences can be made of materials like wood or vinyl, industrial gates are made from aluminum, iron, or galvanized steel. These materials are necessary for the gates to have the strength and reliability required of them. Metal industrial gates require little maintenance, can be versatile, and can be customized to meet your needs. 

Industrial Gates Have Hardy Motors

Since industrial gates are often installed where they'll be opened many times a day — sometimes hundreds of times — they'll need to have hardy motors that can perform well. Whether a gate is installed around a warehouse, a military base, or a truck depot, the gate must be dependable. You can't have people stuck on the wrong side of it. If a truck can't get out of the gate to make its deliveries, then many people and companies could be impacted. If a military gate won't open, then this can put a lot of lives in jeopardy. The powerful motors installed on industrial gates let you know you can count on them to be dependable. 

Industrial Gates Come in Many Styles

While there are things most industrial gates have in common, such as the materials they're made from, there are also some things that differ about them. The options in their designs ensure that any company, organization, or other entity can have one installed that's right for their specific needs. 

Cantilever Gates: There are industrial cantilever gates that are great for security because they don't have a clear opening and lack weak spots. This decreases the chances that they could be forcefully opened from the outside. 

Hydraulic Vertical Lift Gates: Hydraulic vertical gates are good options when there isn't space for a sliding or swinging style gate. Vertical gates offer fast opening and closing, multiple-lane functionality, reliability in snow, and superior security. 

Bi-Folding Gates: Bi-folding gates are gates with folding systems that are commonly seen in areas where security access, dependability, and speed are a must. They also work well for spaces with little room for gate movement. These gates are easy to integrate into most access control systems and security devices. Now you have more information on industrial gates to help make your decision easier.