5 Reasons To Choose A Rotary Screw Air Compressor Over Other Designs For Your Auto Body Shop

In the auto body repair shop, industrial air compressors are essential for refinishing, painting, and resurfacing damaged panels from vehicles in need of repair. Before going for the first air compressor model that meets your needs in terms of pressure and air output, consider what interior design is actually producing the compression. Choosing a rotary screw model will benefit your auto body shop in five different ways.

Lower Noise Output

If you're working with limited space in your shop, it's tricky to find the space for a noisy air compressor that needs it own noise-deadening enclosure. Screw-type air compressors are some of the quietest models available for industrial and commercial use, so you can install them directly in a work area without a lot of extra work. Running a quieter air compressor all day prevents hearing damage and loss to your hard-working employees.

Higher Duty Capacity

Does your shop have enough volume that your sandblasting and paint spraying compressors are running non-stop from when you open until you shut the doors at night? For body shops with high demand for their air compressor tools, only the reliability and duty capacity of a screw-type compressor will work. These models can run at 100% capacity continuously without a break, while other models all require a cool down period and can't run 100% of the time. Your crew will experience fewer interruptions and get more done each day when they can work as quickly as possible without worrying about putting wear and tear on the equipment.

Aside from requiring fewer breaks during each work session, these air compressors also tend to require less maintenance than other models relying on internal oil to maintain a seal. While you do need to pay careful attention to the oil level and condition to prevent wear on the components, these models run longer between changes because internal operating temperatures are lower and less degenerative to the oil.

Reduced Oil Spray

When it comes to painting body panels and entire vehicles, you need the cleanest possible air supply because oil that mixes into the paint can ruin the finish. Rotary screw compressors offer some of the tightest controls over the amount of oil particles in the air flow, resulting in a clean paint spray whether you add secondary oil control accessories or not. This factor alone makes a rotary screw air compressor worth investing in for your auto body shop since it plays a huge role in whether your customers will be satisfied or unhappy with your work.

Higher Flow and Pressure

Are you expanding into advanced body finishing techniques involving heavy particulate blasting with metal or glass beads for a mirror smooth surface? You'll need an air compressor that can deliver relatively high flow while maintaining plenty of pressure, and rotary screw designs excel at doing both at the same time. Some of the highest flow and pressure demands in industrial manufacturing are supplied by these types of compressors, so choosing one for your auto body shop ensures you don't need to upgrade after just a few months as you expand your services and need more power.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Finally, consider the cost of running those compressors for all or most of each day. It's easy to eat into your profits by spending a little too much each month on your electricity bills because you didn't pick an energy efficient model. While reciprocating compressors are still a little more efficient than rotary screw models, they're also more expensive. The difference in efficiency is only about 5-10% in many cases, so you won't save much by spending more. A rotary screw air compressor is still more efficient than a model powered by a basic piston or a single stage chamber.

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