Tiny Houses Going Off-Grid: 4 Solutions To Help You Live Sustainably In The Forest

The purchase of a tiny house can dramatically change your options for living situations. Instead of purchasing a lot of land with neighbors or a cleared out area, tiny houses can be placed nearly anywhere on property that you are owning or renting. This allows many people to live off the grid and have a lifestyle filled with simplicity. If you've decided to set up your tiny house in a forest, then there are four ways you can make this transition go smoothly. Each of these features will help you live comfortably in the home and still give you modern conveniences like light and power.

Composting Toilets

When living in a forest, having access to plumbing or septic tanks is typically not an option. Instead of sharing a tree with the nearest forest creature, you can still enjoy the comforts of a bathroom within your tiny home. A composting toilet allows you to use the bathroom on a daily basis without the need for flushing or running water. To help absorb waste, a variety of materials may be used inside the toilet, like moss or sawdust. The toilet that you purchase will also come with a guide that helps you properly dispose of the compost naturally within the forest surroundings. The use of all-natural substances in the toilet will make it safe for depositing back into nature. The toilet can be installed permanently inside the bathroom of your tiny house or you can purchase a portable version that can be moved around, used outside, or stored away when it's not needed.

Forklift Battery Systems

When living off the grid, you still have plenty of options for getting sources of power. One of your main options is using solar panels that can convert the energy of the sun into power. When the power is not being actively used for the home, it can be stored in a battery system. If you're looking for a lot of storage and years of use, then you can purchase a forklift battery system. These large battery packs are typically used to power forklifts in warehouse industries. The forklift batteries can also be used to provide power for your tiny home. The batteries can be connected to your tiny home via the solar panels. They can be stored in a protective case on the outside of your tiny home or within a storage compartment.

When shopping for forklift battery systems, you can save money by purchasing used forklift batteries in good condition. These batteries will last for several years and can save you money from the average costs of around $2,500 for a new forklift battery. Once the batteries are equipped to your tiny house, you can enjoy lighting, electronics, and running small water pumps for showers or sinks.

Water Collection Systems

Getting access to clean and fresh water is essential when living off the grid. This is why its important to have a water collection system built into the home. These systems can collect rainwater and morning moisture that can be used for everyday purposes. Water runoff from your roof can follow a set path into the collection system. Instead of just using the water from the collection tank, you can also have a water filter installed. The water filter can clean the water and ensure that it is safe for drinking. A professional should install the water collection system so that it works efficiently and collects as much water as possible.

Solar Powered Gadgets

Adding small gadgets to your tiny house will give you small conveniences that you can use each day. When living in the forest, adding solar-powered lights around your tiny house can increase visibility and help ward off wild animals. These lights typically feature a small solar panel on the top so they can charge fully each day. Solar chargers are ideal for plugging in devices like cell phones and MP3 players. They can also reduce the power taken from forklift battery power systems. Solar backpacks can also supply you with extra power options while traveling through the woods or other locations while away from your tiny house.

Planning all of these options before you move into a forest area will make it easier to implement the upgrades. Professionals can have easy access to your tiny house and everything can be set in place properly.