Creative Jobs With Structure: Four Types Of Injection Molding Careers

Creative people can find a love in a creative job, but for many it can be hard to find a creative outlet that has stability. Artists, photographers, and writers are just a few of the creative types that may have to rely on inconsistent freelance work instead of a consistent job from week to week. If you're a creative person that seeks the stability of daily employment, then you can look into the world of injection molding. Injection molding recruits are constantly looking for creative talents in multiple areas of the industry. By understanding the different positions that are available, you can choose a job path that satisfies your need to live and work creatively.

Molding Drawings & Concept Planning

The process of injection molding uses custom-made molds to create all types of unique designs and products. A number of the projects that are worked on through injection molding is for new designs and inventions. If you loving the creativeness that comes with drawing and graphic design, then you can bring your talents to a position involved in the concept planning stage of injection molding. During this process, you will work with various companies to create concept art and official measurements for different designs and plans. Advanced job functions may include scanning images, creating 3D models, and drawing up blueprints for approval. A creative mind and a degree in graphic design can help you get a career in this industry. A job recruiter can help you find a position that caters to your specific skills. Once hired for the job, you will find yourself working with all types of industries like electronics, video games, and automobiles.

Graphic Applications

After parts and items have been manufactured, they are typically a solid color. If these items need further work, then they may go through a finishing process. This process may include the ability to apply graphics and designs directly to each part. If you enjoy working with art, then this type of hands-on career is ideal. Each day, you will be working on different products and graphic applications. The graphics that are applied may include decals, airbrushing, or hand painting small details like company logos. As you advance through your career, you may move up to a project lead worker. These workers can help plan and design the different finishing touches that are applied to various departments.


If you love photography then you can have a consistent career in the world of injection molding. Photography skills are constantly needed for different aspects of a company. In the planning stage, photos made be used to document prototypes and different designs. Photos of the production and post-production stage may be used for marketing purposes. Social media has become a huge aspect for many companies. By getting a social media position, you have the chance to take photos, organize them, and promote the business through various forms of social media.


A lot of the injection molding positions are involved on the assembly line with other workers. If you're creative and love to work alone, then you may want to consider a position as an injection molding copywriter. This position involves writing different materials for a company's website, press releases, or informational material. Using your writing skills, you will get a chance to write all types of material and really help a company thrive. When hired for the marketing department, you can use the creative process to help come up with marketing suggestions and ideas for promoting the business. Brainstorming and outlining sessions allow you to branch out creatively and really expand your mind in the process.

Contact an injection molding recruiter to find out more information about the different positions that are available. By taking a little extra time to look, you can easily find a position that speaks to you and provides a stable income. Contact a company like Molding Business Services to get started.