Tips For Recognizing Common Problems With Your Commercial HVAC System

As a commercial building owner, it's your responsibility to keep your building's HVAC system functional and properly cared for. Failure to keep up with the maintenance and care that the HVAC system needs can actually negatively affect your employees' well-being and productivity due to poor air quality and discomfort. Here are a few things that you should understand about the problems that can occur with your commercial HVAC system and tips for you to deal with them.

Air Flow Inconsistencies

If you walk through your building and notice that some areas feel markedly different than others, it could be the result of inconsistent air flow. Cracks in the air ducts can cause air to leak along the path, causing uneven air distribution through the building. Not only is this a comfort problem, it can also be detrimental to your employees' health because of the possibility of insulation being blown through the space. The pieces of fiberglass insulation can lead to health issues if they are inhaled.

As soon as you notice inconsistency in your building's air flow, you should call an HVAC technician right away. The technician will inspect all of the air ducts to find the spot or spots where air is leaking. Once identified, the cracks are sealed to stop the air from seeping past.

If there are no evident air leaks, you may need to assess the size and output of your HVAC system to see how it compares to the demand of the building. If your HVAC system is under-powered for the space you're trying to take care of, you're going to experience inconsistencies in the air distribution through the building. Your HVAC technician can examine the unit and tell you if it's rated properly for your building.

Stale And Musty Air

If you're noticing musty or stale odors from your air ducts, there may be several reasons for this. One of the easiest things to check and potentially resolve is to replace the filters on the HVAC system. New air filters will help to keep the particles and contaminants out of the air. Musty smells can also be caused by stagnant water that's been left to accumulate from condensation. Having the entire HVAC system cleaned will help you to get rid of things like this and restore clean air in your building. It's important that you address this type of issue because any mold spores that may be in the system from the stagnant water can cause health problems for your employees. In addition, the odor can be distracting, affecting overall productivity.

Noisy Operation

If you're struggling with an HVAC system that's rattling, banging, and making other distracting noises, it can be distracting to your employees. This can lead to poor productivity. Sometimes, prolonged exposure to noises like these can even cause headaches and other problems that can lead to employee callouts. As soon as you start to notice noises like these from your HVAC system, you should call for an evaluation to determine the source of the problem.

Clogged Drain Lines

When your drain lines fail to properly eliminate the water that builds up around the condenser, water will back up into the drain pan. This can actually cause water damage around the HVAC system if it's left untreated. That water damage can ultimately be costly both in system treatment and structural repairs. You'll want to have the drain lines inspected regularly to ensure that there is no debris or dirt clogging the line.

The more attentive you can be to your commercial building's HVAC system, the safer the environment will be for your employees. Don't risk employee health, comfort, and productivity by neglecting issues like these. Contact a company like Mercury Tec if you notice any of these problems.