Your First Boom Truck Rental

If a boom truck is something you need to take on a project but you don't own one, renting one is a possibility. However, without boom truck exposure or experience, there are situations you must prepare for and act on--such as those explained below--so that the truck doesn't end up ruining your budget or delay other work. 

Ask for Consultation

It's possible that a vague, general idea of the boom truck size you need is in your mind. However, if the truck is too small, it may not reach the heights you need or lift enough weight. If it's too big, you may be overpaying for a utility vehicle that takes too long to set up and operate.

A rental consultation is the smartest way to know that you'll have the right vehicle for the work. During this consultation, you should also be advised about whether the site is strong enough and clear enough for the boom truck you want. The soil may need to be tested to ensure that supporting the truck's weight isn't going to be a problem. Because the boom truck can swivel and extend it is arm, the rental company will want to be certain that your site will allow operation to happen without the interference of power lines, trees and other objects.

Check Materials Delivery

Whatever the boom truck is lifting, it has to be on your site before the truck is, unless you want to be subject to additional fees. Before you arrange truck delivery, check that there isn't a problem with the materials and that they will arrive first.

Make a Schedule

A boom truck is a large machine no matter what size is chosen. And because it swivels, it may affect more of the site than a static vehicle. Workers need to know not to be around when the boom truck is working, but they also need to complete their own work. Therefore, a schedule is essential for timely work throughout the site.

Ask About Setup

Without boom truck experience, you could require some level of help with setup unless the rental company will set that up for you. More fees could apply though, so inquire about the truck's setup process before signing anything. You should also clarify who is operating the truck so you don't have to scramble to locate one yourself

Be ready for a rental boom truck with this information. Discuss it with supervisors, workers and your rental company so everyone understands how the rental can be an efficient, successful one.