Things To Know About Water Jet Cutting

There may be many reasons you will need to have materials cut for industrial or commercial use. It is important to appreciate that water jet cutting can be an extremely effective solution to meeting this need.

How Does Water Jet Cutting Work?

There is a frequent assumption that the force of the water jet will just cut through the material. While this pressure will be one of the key factors in cutting through materials, the water will also utilize a series of small particles, dramatically increasing the abrasion from the jet of water. The exact materials used to increase the abrasion will vary from small granules of sand to synthetic particles, and the best option will be determined based on the material that is being cut.

Are There Limits To What Can Be Cut Using This Option?

There is a common assumption that water jet cutting is only effective for those that need to have thick pieces of metal cut. While this type of cutting option will be extremely effective for use on thick pieces of metal, it can actually be used for almost any type of material. Typically, glass will be one of the only materials that may not be suitable for use with this cutting technique, as the pressure from the water can cause the glass to shatter. Additionally, there may be limits to the thickness of the materials that can be cut with this method, but this will largely depend on the quality of the water jet cutting materials that the service you use has available.

Will It Be More Economical To Invest In Your Own Water Jet Cutting System?

If you or your business will require water jet cutting services on a regular basis, you might be tempted to invest in one of these systems yourself. However, this may not always be the more economical option. These devices can be rather expensive to buy, and they will require extensive maintenance to keep them in functional condition. Lastly, it can be surprisingly difficult to actually cut various materials with these systems, as mistakes can damage the item that is being cut. Due to these reasons, you may find that it is beneficial for you to always outsource this work to a service that specializes in it. This may be the more economical option, as well as the one that will provide you with the highest-quality results possible.

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