Have Employees Getting Cuts And Injuries In The Shop? Preventative Rubber Options To Look Into

If the workers in your shop have been getting frequent injuries or small cuts, bruises, and other damages, it's time to make sure that you are being as safe as possible. There are some minor changes you can make, and items that you can invest in to help prevent some of these minor injuries that cause discomfort, time off work, and complications for your employees. You want to look into the following items, so your staff stops being careless, and so you don't have to worry while they are out working in the shop.

Molded Tool Rubbers

All of the tools in your shop should have molded rubber handles. These rubber handles help to prevent the tools from becoming slippery if the operator's hand gets wet from perspiration or moisture in the air. Not only can this prevent the tool from slipping and causing some type of injury, but it can prevent fatigue and make the grip on the tool more comfortable. Molded options deliver a custom fit.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are a top priority item to have in the workspace. You want to get mats that are slotted so if there were any spilled liquids, it would go beneath the mats into the slots. The mats should also be composed of a durable rubber, to allow traction with shoes, so people don't slip and fall. That mats will also provide a cushion throughout the day for people that have to stand for long hours. These should be in all areas where fluids or water could be a concern.

Rubber Gloves

Any time someone will be working around electrical components, or an area where you worry they could get nicks and cuts on their fingers, you should insist that they wear fitted rubber gloves. These will help them when gripping items, can prevent electrocution and will allow them to avoid small nicks and cuts that can't occur when the hands are left bare. The better the fit, the easier the gloves will be to work in.

If your employees keep getting cuts and having accidents because they aren't wearing the proper safety equipment, they aren't being careful, and because you aren't providing them with everything that they would need to be safe, it's time to make a change. Look into these different choices and options so you can hopefully avoid some of the minor nicks and cuts or slip and falls that occur.

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