Gate Accessories To Keep Your Livestock Safely Contained And To Provide Visitors With Ease Of Access

If you own a cattle farm that is enclosed by a fence and gate, worrying about your livestock getting loose when employees or delivery personnel enter your property may be of concern. Keep your livestock safely contained and provide visitors with ease of access to your property with the accessories that are listed below.

Install a Gate Opener

A gate opener is an electronic device that can be installed on the exterior side of the gate. A locking mechanism will be deactivated, and the gate will swing open for a brief amount of time once the sensor is activated. After gaining entry to your property, the gate will close.

This type of device can be installed by an electrician or a gate specialist if you do not have any experience installing technological items. An opener will prevent you from needing to monitor the gate or hire someone to man it when you are busy tending to the cows or handling additional responsibilities. 

Use an Intercom and Sign to Communicate With People

An intercom system will provide visitors with the opportunity to notify you of their arrival before gaining access to your property. An intercom speaker can be mounted to the top of the fence or the edge of the gate. When someone arrives, they can press a button on the device and begin speaking into the speaker.

Place the second portable speaker inside of your home or carry it with you when you are working outdoors. If you are going to be away from your cattle farm for the day, hang a sign on the gate's exterior to notify people of your absence. Include information about the time that you will be returning or an alternate way to reach you. 

Add a Keypad

If you do not want strangers entering your property and only have a few employees or delivery people who have been granted permission to be on your property, install a keypad on the gate for them to use to open the gate. Create a unique code for the keypad.The code will need to be entered on the pad prior to the unlocking of the gate.

Be sure to tell your employees or delivery men or women that the code is private and that you do not want it shared with anyone. Write the code down on a slip of paper and place the slip inside of your home so that you will be able to refer to the paper if you ever forget what the code is. For more information, contact a company like Incom Inc.