4 Ways Your Homeowner’s Association Can Use Reflective Tape

If your homeowner's association does not already stock commercial reflective tape, now is a good time to think about doing so. Here are just a few ways that your homeowner's association can use reflective tape as time goes on:

Draw Attention to Your Vehicles

Your homeowner's association can apply reflective tape to all your vehicles so they can more easily be seen by residents whether they're parked or on the road. Applying reflective tape to your road crew's trucks will help ensure that people see them when they're stopped in the road repairing a pothole. And reflective tape can be applied to the vehicles of everyone on your board of directors so they can be spotted by residents while in public. Reflective tape can even be used by your landscaping crew to make their gold carts and other vehicles more visible.

Warn the Community at Work Sites

Reflective tape can also be used to mark work sites so drivers, walkers, and bicyclists can stay away and safe. If a piece of the road is being worked on, surround it with reflective tape so no unauthorized people will enter the area. You can also mark parking lots with reflective tape to create parking spaces until you can get them painted. And things like boulders and mailboxes can be marked with reflective tape so your work crew can more easily avoid those things while they work.

Surround an Area That is Off Limits

When you don't want your residents entering an area for any reason, whether because it needs to be worked on or it's been rented for a private event, you can surround the area with reflective tape and post signs asking people not to pass through the tape. Or you can use reflective tape to surround new garden areas that you don't want to get trampled on while they grow big enough to handle foot traffic. Reflective tape can even be used to block off a crime or accident scene to help keep the area secure until the authorities or ambulance arrives.

Decorate for Planned Community Events

A fun way for your homeowner's association to use reflective tape to decorate for events that you plan for the community throughout the year. Whether you'll be hosting a summer barbecue by the swimming pool, and evening movie night in the courtyard, or a family game day in the park, you can apply different colored reflective tape to liven things up. The tape won't blow away in the wind like streamers and balloons would, and you can use the reflective tape your homeowner's association already has stocked at the time to save some money on the cost of your community events.