Keys To Finding A Company Offering Zinc Nickel Plating Services

Some metals will require zinc nickel plating to work a lot better for projects. If you have said metals and thus will be working with a zinc nickel plating provider, here are some tips that can lead you down a successful search path and subsequently great plating results.

Make Sure Smooth Surfaces are Achieved 

One of the more important qualities to get from a zinc nickel plating provider is surface smoothness. The plating needs to wrap around your metal components in a smooth manner because that's going to help you use them without any sort of surface interference. This is particularly important if these metal parts are being used in systems that will be sliding across other surfaces.

You can perform a quick visual test by looking at metal parts a zinc nickel plating provider has treated in the past, seeing how surface smoothness came out. If you don't see any surface defects, the zinc nickel plating provider will probably be great to partner up with. 

Review Their Racking Solutions

After your metal parts are applied with a zinc nickel plating, they will be set out to dry on a racking system. You want to review this structure before hiring a provider because it's going to give you a peak behind the manufacturing curtain so to speak.

The rack system needs to be sized perfectly to hold all of your metal parts that are receiving zinc nickel plating. It also needs to be contamination-free so that structural defects don't show up later on your plated metal components. 

Make Sure Provider Takes Preventative Maintenance Seriously with Their Equipment

There are a lot of important pieces of equipment involved in zinc nickel plating, including the aforementioned racks up above and dip tanks holding the zinc nickel plating solution. Make sure you find a provider that executes the right preventative maintenance measures with said equipment.

That's going to keep it in better condition and then the chances of a delay happening with your zinc nickel plating process aren't that likely. Also, preventative maintenance will keep said equipment clean and that's instrumental in keeping contaminants out of the zinc nickel plating mixture.

You can make metal components more versatile in terms of their attributes just by putting zinc nickel plating on them. You just need to make sure your plating provider is competent with these processes and has the equipment necessary to leave behind great results the first time. 

For more information on zinc nickel plating services, contact a manufacturer.