3 Commercial Heating Tips For Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal businesses close down during the off-season. For most of these seasonal businesses, the commercial spaces that house them remain vacant throughout the off-season.

You may not be thinking about a commercial heating plan for your seasonal business, but you need to have one in place to protect your assets throughout the year.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure the commercial space that houses your seasonal business is prepared to withstand the demands of the off-season.

1. Schedule a Full Inspection

Having your commercial heating system inspected while your seasonal business is open can be problematic.

Customers and employees may be bothered by the presence of an HVAC technician. Once your business closes for the off-season, you should schedule a full inspection of your heating system. This gives an HVAC technician all the time needed to thoroughly inspect each part of your commercial heating system.

Any potential problems that are identified during the inspection can be addressed during the off-season to ensure your commercial space remains properly heated throughout the year.

2. Clean Your Furnace Room

The furnace room in a commercial building can sometimes become a repository for excess inventory. Your furnace needs proper ventilation to function safely, so clearing away any stored items prior to closing down for the off-season is essential.

Make sure that there is plenty of room for air to circulate around your furnace. Remove any flammable materials from the furnace room to prevent a potential fire.

Keeping your furnace room tidy can help you avoid any heating mishaps in the future.

3. Let Your Furnace Run

It's important that you allow your furnace to run inside your commercial space during the off-season.

Maintaining a steady interior temperature will help to prevent any frozen pipes or water lines. Running the furnace can also protect the machinery and furnishings that are stored inside your commercial space against any damage caused by extreme temperatures.

You don't have to set the thermostat as high as you would if people were occupying the space. The temperature should be set high enough to keep your commercial space above freezing, but low enough to conserve energy and minimize your costs over time.

Even though no one will regularly occupy your commercial space during the off-season, it's important that you think about your commercial heating system.

Letting the furnace run, cleaning up the furnace room, and investing in a full inspection will help your furnace weather the off-season with ease.

For more information, contact a commercial heating supplier such as Mercury Tec.