Your First Boom Truck Rental

If a boom truck is something you need to take on a project but you don't own one, renting one is a possibility. However, without boom truck exposure or experience, there are situations you must prepare for and act on--such as those explained below--so that the truck doesn't end up ruining your budget or delay other work.  Ask for Consultation It's possible that a vague, general idea of the boom truck size you need is in your mind. Read More 

Reasons Why You Should Remove Copper Plumbing When Your Fuse Box Is Close To It

Old basements often have "farm bathrooms." These farm bathrooms consist of a toilet and a shower that was once used by farmers who would come in from the barn, wash up, and sit down to eat. When houses were being outfitted for electricity, the early electricians did not know what they were doing. Subsequently, that fuse box next to your old farmer's shower is a bad idea. Here are a couple reasons why you need to move something or remove the copper plumbing from the shower: Read More