4 Ways Your Homeowner’s Association Can Use Reflective Tape

If your homeowner's association does not already stock commercial reflective tape, now is a good time to think about doing so. Here are just a few ways that your homeowner's association can use reflective tape as time goes on: Draw Attention to Your Vehicles Your homeowner's association can apply reflective tape to all your vehicles so they can more easily be seen by residents whether they're parked or on the road. Read More 

3 Great Tips When Searching For A Work-Related Body For Your Truck

If you rely on your truck for work, then it's extremely important to have the right body on it. There are many types you can have equipped to your truck, and to help you narrow down your selection, these tips are helpful to consider.  Decide Between Open and Closed Design  There are two major choices for a truck body's design: open and closed. Both come with their own distinct advantages, depending on what your work needs are. Read More 

Personal Safety When Handling Scrap Metal

For the most part, scrap metal is a fairly benign material to sell. You gather it (legally), maybe it sits for a while in storage while you build up a stash, and then you take it to a scrap yard to see what money you can get for it. Of course, as with anything, there will be required safety precautions. For scrap metal, these can sometimes seem alarming to new sellers because if the safety is ignored there are some serious consequences. Read More 

Milling Machines Vs. Lathes And 3D Printers

When working with materials in a shop, two of the most common types of machines you may use are the milling machine and the lathe. The milling machine holds the part still, while the lathe rotates the part. The best machine for you to use is based on the type of machining you are performing.  Uses for a Lathe Lathes are best used when creating a piece that is symmetrical around its origin. Read More 

Wire Mesh To Creatively Store Your Kids’ Toys

As a parent, you try to give your kids the things that they need and want, but sometimes, that can lead to a collection of toys that are outgrowing your kids' bedroom or playroom. Instead of getting rid of the stuff that your kids play with each day, find new ways to organize them. Here, you'll learn how wire mesh can help you get your kids' collection of toys organized and off of the floor. Read More